How to Make Money on Amazon: The 10 Easiest Jobs

If you haven’t jumped on the E-commerce train yet, you might be missing out on your next thousand bucks. E-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, and others have been around for decades now, empowering people to become their bosses.

The biggest of them all is Amazon, though. Amazon seller always use FBA Calculator to check amazon revenue and fees.

Amazon provides work for over 650,000 people within its company alone. The number of people selling on Amazon reaches into the millions, and some of them make enough money not to need a day job. Learning how to make money with Amazon isn’t always easy, but it sure can be lucrative.

When you think of how to make money on Amazon, there are many ways. But all of them can be grouped into two forms: Selling and Employment.


This category are the people who earn with Amazon by working on it, selling goods and services. Here are five examples of how to make money selling on Amazon.

1. Arbitrage

You can always start with good old retail arbitrage. This involves buying up stuff at a reduced price only to sell it later at regular rates or higher. You can even buy things for cheap on eBay and resell it on Amazon at raised prices. To learn how to make money on Amazon with arbitrage won’t be difficult, but it’s an extremely competitive niche.

2. Wholesale goods

Do you have an individual or a company that’s ready to sell their products to you in bulk for a reduced price? Then congratulations, selling wholesale goods might be how you make money on Amazon . However, with wholesale goods, the competition will have the same products as you and might even be selling them at lower prices. It can turn to a price war for wholesalers, a competition for the lowest prices. You might even have to go below your profit line. But if you succeed, you might make upwards of a thousand dollars every month.

3. Private label

Private label works with the same basic concept of selling wholesale good with a few differences. Private labeling involves you taking a product that’s already on the market, repackaging (with upgrades, perhaps), and selling to customers as your own brand. Private labeling can be startlingly easy, but there is a lot of competition because your product might only be a little different from the ones already on Amazon. You can also use Amazon’s FBA if you have a massive load of orders. It takes the stress off of you for a fee, of course.

4. Publishing

Are you the next Tolkien or Stephen King? Getting your book published is a hard and lengthy process. But now you can publish your book online on Kindle Direct Publishing. Others now have to pay whatever price you set (within reason) to read your book. And, if it’s a good read, people are more likely to recommend it to their friends, which is free publicity. If you have a flair for writing, this is an excellent example of how to make money on Amazon.

5. Merch

You have to get creative to sell well here. Amazon runs a program called Merch by Amazon, which lets people upload their designs. These designs can be ordered and placed to be printed out on shirts, mugs, hats, bags, etc. To recap: you create a design, customer orders it to be placed on, let’s say, a hat. Amazon prints the design onto the item and pays you your cut. Simple, eh?


This means working directly or indirectly with Amazon to sell goods. It also means being involved in the process of selling goods on Amazon. I have identified five examples of how to make money on Amazon by working for them.

6. Remote Employment

A good portion of Amazon’s customer care representatives are individuals working from home. A full-time customer care representative can make as much as $30000 a year for dealing with customer’s problems from their very own home desks.

7. Affiliation

Bloggers can work as Amazon affiliates and get a certain percentage of any product that’s bought with the links given to them. Of course, the blog topics have to be related to the item it’s linked to. It’s a bit odd to link a garden hose when you’re talking about feminine hygiene products. You can write as usual and still be making money on Amazon.

8. Delivery

In huge metropolitan areas, Amazon sometimes gets swamped with orders and need people to help out. If you’ve got a car, and you’re pretty good at navigating, you could become an Amazon Flex driver. These drivers work in five-hour shifts and earn as much as $18-$25 an hour.

9. Mechanical Turk

This crowdsourcing network might have an off name, but it’s one of the easiest ways of working for Amazon. Amazon gives out little jobs or tasks like completing surveys, validating information, and more to the hundreds of thousands of people working in this program.

10. Distribution Centers

If you work in a largely populated area, chances are there’s an Amazon Fulfillment/Distribution Center in your city. They store package and ship products for sellers. You can apply on their web page .

In conclusion

There’s lots of money to earn with Amazon . Learning how to make money on Amazon , you start an online business empire or help you pull in some much needed extra cash. It’s still a win, either way.





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