Must-Have Amazon Chrome Extensions For FBA Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you have every reason to be competitive in your niche. You need the right tools to help you do that. Whereas other sellers will be running to install product research tools. These tools can eat into a lot of your time and resources. Luckily, Google has the solution to these challenges, with many an Amazon Chrome Extension , which we would like you to know about today. In the end, you will realize you cannot do without them.

FBA Keyword Tool – With the Amazon Seller chrome extension , you have access to some significant product research capabilities. Your options are, however, limited unless you choose the premium version. The premium option gives you access to double the capabilities of the free version. Well, while this comes at a cost, there is always a free tool out there that can help with the product optimization you deserve. That tool is a free Amazon FBA Keyword tool.

Review Request Generator – Reviews are a good way of identifying the perception consumers have about a product. Calculate your Amazon revenue and fees with IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator and find the most profitable products.

Collecting reviews is quite strenuous, but with the right chrome Amazon extension , you have that covered. Amazon’s Review Request Generator is all you need. Requesting reviews with this tool will not only make your feedback review process easy, but it will also result in more positive customer reviews. Reviews will not only serve you, but it will also help shed some light on new customers with a particular interest in your products.

The Camelizer – This extension is a feature of the CamelCamelCamel tool. Camelizer offers you in-browser access to significant information about a product you may want to sell. From the extension, you can track the progress of the product in the market before choosing to list it. The Camelizer Google Chrome extension, moreover, offers an insight into the product’s selling value. The extension is completely free; you only to install it and get started.

AmazeOwl – Have you thought of the time spent leaving Amazon every time to research for products? This process goes back and forth and does waste a lot of time for anyone that is using it.

AmazeOwl allows you to research the product right from within Amazon in a very simplified way. This Amazon extension for chrome has high one-click functionality, has an easy user interface, it allows you to comprehend coding with color and impeccable hover information. For additional information, press the “Market Analysis” button. AmazeOwl gives you up to 11 marketplaces and comes for free.

AMZ Seller Browser – You can do your product and services research quickly with the help of this Amazon FBA Chrome extension . This tool gives you a deep dive into the product’s performance history. Interestingly, the tool can tell you about whoever is attempting to sell the product. This insight allows you to know when there is a flood of the product in the market and whether you need to avoid listing it.

AMZ Scout – The secret to a successful business on Amazon heavily relies on your product and niche research. Do not wake up on a particular day and decide that you want to sell something u8nless you have done some digging about the product. Multiple tools can help with that, but why not do an easy install of a chrome extension Amazon of AMZ Scout. AMZ comes with exciting features that could crack your product selection headache. For instance, AMZ allows you to collect consumer product reviews allowing you to get a perception of how customers feel about the product and its category. Moreover, the tool can help you calculated returns you may get from selling the product. Furthermore, the tool’s “keyword explorer” feature allows you to arrive at quality keywords to optimize your product for access by customers through custom searches.

Keepa – Pricing is an important factor for selling stuff on Amazon. You need a tool that can help you price your products competitively and attract more customers through pricing. Keepa also available as a Google Chrome extension is precisely what you need. The tool notifies you any time competitors administer price changes to their products. Moreover, it gives you a history of price changes a product has undergone, allowing you to make better pricing decisions.

In a nutshell

Chrome extensions give you a more interesting in-browser experience in your various Amazon seller activities. Different extensions serve various needs. The above are some of those you do not need to miss. Install now, and enjoy your product research and product listing process






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